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David & Hjalti - RVK Mood (Lagaffe Tales)

Shadeleaf's Simba hipped us to the first release on the newly minted Lagaffe Tales label by including a track that samples the same source material as MF Doom's Benzoin Gum on his recent guestmix for us. As a massive MF Doom fan (the smokey, downtempo instrumentals off his Special Herbs releases in particular) my interest was piqued right away, but when the ID requests for the tune were coming in left, right and center minutes after we uploaded the set I knew this was something special. After Simba let us know the track in question was David & Hjalti's 'Whatever You Want' we hunted down a copy of the pair's delightful 'RVK Moods EP' right away.

The Icelandic pair kick things off with Moods, a deep and dusty basement groover that wouldn't have been out of place on an early Box Aus Holz release (and definitely sounds like it was inspired by Graef & Co). Moods shares the A-side of the record with 'That's Her', a lush bit of deephou…