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Legit Edits #3 (Legit Edits)

I actually highly doubt Soulphiction - who is behind the controls here - cleared the rights for this release, but there's no denying Legit Edits #3 offers up a tasteful pair of edits. I didn't care much for the first two in the series but this one is right up my alleyway. Choppy, driving looped up wonky disco gear on the A (think Soundstream without the mental overcompressed drums) and a proper funk nugget on the flip, which is my fav of the two tracks and the one that made me whip out my wallet after hearing a snip. Not sure what the source material is (counting on the Discogs geeks to come up with the original before long) but it's a cleverly chopped/looped up guitar-driven beast with a killer vocal (think Tiger & Woods without the, err, overcompressed drums) that I stuck at the very front of the bag right away because you just KNOW this will go down a treat when played over a decent rig. She's got me good indeed.

Vinyl only, limited business. You know what to d…

Noble & Benedek - Ocean Side/Airwayz (Superior Elevation)

A bit of a break from the norm for us, as we usually don't cover records we don't have ourselves (yet) but this little beast is winging its way over to us as we speak and it's selling out everywhere at breakneck speed so we decided to make an exception for once. Tom Noble at it again, joining forces with PPU's Benedek for a most tasty duo of house meets gloopy boogie. We heard the Bodywork DJs we got to play for last week in lovely Bristol drop this track and it was one of those moments where we both went: THAT BASSLINE. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? Well, dear people of the internet, it's this.

Out now on Superior Elevation - Noble's own imprint - in limited quantities. As with most US imports these days, it doesn't come cheap, but it sure is worth hunting down for THAT BASSLINE alone. If you're skint and don't want to miss out, make sure to head over to the Noble & Benedek bandcamp page where you can get the tunes digitally for a few bucks.

The real…