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Nebraska - Stand Your Ground (Mister Saturday Night)

Hot on the heels of a predictable solid EP on Delusions of Grandeur, Nebraska drops a foursome of disco delights in his inimitable style on Mister Saturday Night. I've had a soft spot for Nebraska's deep, loopy tackle ever since his first Rush Hour record came out but this here might be his most accomplished release yet.

Little Chan gets things going on the A rather nicely with its choppy keys, swinging hats and deep drums. It's the kind of driving, hypnotising fare that will have people go absolutely apeshit when dropped at the right moment.

The loopy and chuggy soul-bumper Stoop - also on the A - takes things down a notch or two and showcases Nebraska's knack for expertly chopping and arranging samples. Sloppy claps, trumpet stabs, lush keys, there's plenty to enjoy here.

Flip over for title track 'Stand Your Ground', our pick of the litter. The Piccadilly write-up is spot on: 'Gently bobbing in on a wave of undulating funk, swirly, grainy synthesize…

Ben La Desh & Norm de Plume - Plumage 003

Last summer I had the pleasure of spending an impromptu beer & banter-soaked evening/night with Pash (who runs Plumage) and our boy Ben in Amsterdam. They met up earlier that day and were already well on their way to getting gloriously shitfaced when I arrived, but it was obvious these two fine specimens experienced a rare moment of lucidity earlier on and made a pact to do some music together. Fastforward to a few weeks ago and presto: a split EP on Pash's Plumage hit the racks, the third release on the label.

On the A, Ben serves up 'Lotion', a divine slice of gently midtempo rolling thunder in his inimitable style, constantly layering new elements and layers over his impeccable drums. French vocal snips all throughout the track set charm levels to stun. It's one of the most captivating bits of music the Dutch producer has made to date, can't get enough of this.

A chuggy, stripped-down rework of Lotion with big rolling drums by Norm de Plume completes the A sid…

V.A. - High Road (Red Motorbike)

There doesn't seem to be much brouhaha afoot for High Road, the first compilation on Eddie C's class Red Motorbike imprint, which is surprising to say the least, as it's without a shred of doubt the best thing I've picked up this year so far. Are kids just not into 2x12" packages these days? Or is lazy listening to blame and is a dozen of tracks too much to handle? I know I'm guilty of the latter, as I tend to click on anything that moves on the big retailers' pages, listen for two seconds, yawn, throw up in my mouth a little from time to time and move on to the next thing.

With High Road, I didn't even bother clicking, I just asked our record man to add it to my order without listening, as we've been collecting all these cheeky Canadian 45s on Seven Inches of Love, Common Edit and Red Motorbike for years now. High Road ended up on the bottom of a fat pile of new twelves however. I flicked through it when it arrived thinking 'ok these are well…

Crumbs - Vol. 3 (Crumbs)

What's this bit of new plastic then? What we have on our hands here is the third release on the elusive Crumbs imprint. We can't disclose who's behind the label and the tunes - it's one of those fun secret ventures and if we break our vow of silence a baby unicorn dies somewhere in a magical forest - but we can tell you it's a true Mensch. If you picked up the first two of the series you know you're in serious curveball territory with Crumbs. Proto-house, spaced out acid squelchery, cheeky disco edits, anything seems to go, yet there's a delicious wonkiness stringing things together.

What does it sound like? Lush midtempo hypnotic disco-flecked loopiness (Truncatis), trippy percussive afrobeats with ace fart-bass bits (Africus Animus), mint 80s shoulderpad proto-boogie (Sodalitus) and more driving trippy trippiness (Transulto).

Much cop? Oh yes, it's predictably delicious and wonderfully weird. Fabulous curveballs to liven up your set a bit.

Top Tune? A to…

Farbror Resande Mac - EP (Aficionado)

So what do we have here then? The latest 12" on Aficionado by the Farbror Resande Mac dude(s) from Sweden. Unpronounceable? yes, very much so, but unmistakably talent(s) of the extraordinary variety. Not 100% sure but I think there's a link with Tommy Awards here, the production outfit that gave us two incredible EPs on Magic Feet. So there.  What does it sound like? A delicious bag of mixed adriatic haribos, ranging from tripped out balearo-tranz (Hagringen) to superslow 80s glampop (Stockholmsnatt). Not a whiff of balearic gruyere coming off any of the five tracks on offer, this record is slathered with style and class. The diametrical opposite of a Nickelback release then, of sorts. What's the pick of the bunch? Chemtrails is our top tune. Gentle, delightfully dreamy deepness that wraps its lovely arms around you for a sonic hug that should never ever end. Best part is that if you stick on Hagringen on the A1, Chemtrails comes on next so you have two incredible tracks to…

Loz Goddard - Loose Jams EP (Outplay)

A few weeks ago I was having a beer or two with Hans & Daniel - owners and operators of Outplay and the lads behind the ridiculously in-demand Fouk project - and even though most of the night was spent trying to mimic the sound of a reindeer - very loudly, in a packed restaurant, I should add - at some point we also talked about the trials and tribulations of running a record label. The Fouksters were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the finished stock of their third missive, an EP by young Mancunian Loz Goddard, which marks the label's first foray into the realm of A&R-ing (beyond their own production projects that is). There's basically two ways to go about the noble art of 'Artist & Repertoiring'. You either A) offer a stupid amount of cash to a big name, get thrown some sloppy seconds and hope for the best or B) look for exciting new talents, cherry pick their virgin demo material and hope for the best. Whichever path you take, you're bound to los…

Rune Lindbaek and Øyvind Blikstad - 'North' (Drum Island)

It's been a minute since we've done a juicy post about our man on the inside, from our debut release that started it all back in 2009, the 'Crownprince of Dirty Disco' - Eddie C. The man's been busy these days with production requests on many labels, the demand for his dirty disco sound doesn't seem to cease. Furthermore he's been stealthily curating and running his own successful imprint Red Motorbike and wrapping up the label's 11th release since 2011, an VA album of sorts with loads of Ed's productions as well as some from friends.

But wait, this post was not meant to be solely about ol' Ed, sorry. So, more on that later as this is meant to be celebrating a release that's been out for a good few months now (we know, we know - sorry) by norwegians Øyvind Blikstad and Rune Lindbaek entitled 'North' - on Rune's own excellent label, Drum Island. Lindbaek's wonky production style has become a trademark in the 'nudisco'…