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Shenanigens in Amsterdam with Rahaan, SHMLSS and other local legends

Quick headsup to let you know we were kindly invited by the SHMLSS lads (who had a record out on Disco Deviance not too long ago) to warm up the main floor of Amsterdam's Chicago Social Club for disco ledge Rahaan on April 4th. Our pal Vincenzo de Bull (who throws the delightful Midnight City events in Holland's capital) is taking charge of the bar area together with those handsome devils of Halve Soul. Well looking forward to playing some low slung disco dirt, so if you're around, come have a beer and a twirl.

Deets can be found here

Greeen Linez - Hibiscus Pacific (Alliance Upholstery)

We've just stumbled over some exciting new wares by new names for us, a disco meets balearic-ish duo called Greeen Linez - hailing from different corners of the globe. Chris Greenberg and Matt Lynn both come from the UK actually, although the latter currently calls Tokyo home where he lives and runs his label Diskotopia. It's also in Japan where they've seen a bit more attention recently with remixes for the likes of Seahawks and a 2014 release on hefty Japanese label Catune. The end result in the collaboration between these two here is a lovely erm, "yacht rock" escapade called Hibiscus Pacific, which isn't quite disco, isn't quite balearic and somehow just ain't rock either. Let's just say to hell with labels and genres though, if this is yacht rock then well, we like it. SB approved. Alliance Upholstery is the new (Diskotopia sub) label on which this glorious tune will make its vinyl debut along with 3 other completely new sounding remixes fro…

Mark Seven - My Caesar (People Must Jam)

The first release on Australian vinyl outpost 'People Must Jam', featuring four banging disco edits from perennial favourites like Frank Booker, Al Kent and Out in The Sticks, quickly found its way into our bags last year and has been sitting there snugly ever since. We kindly got sent the label's sophomore effort, a limited one-sided 10" by Stockholm's Mark Seven, which my regular postman Abdel dropped off this morning, shaking his head and cursing ever so gently. 'Don't you have enough of these by now pal?'. While some questions do not merit a serious response ('STFU Abdel'), a few kind words about this release are in order, as it's special stuff indeed.

Mark Seven is one of those contemporary legends that doesn't need spreads in Mixmag or an army of sycophants on RA licking his rear. He's been quietly building a reputation as one of the world's best diggers/selectors, exploring that exciting realm of disco/krautrock/proto-ho…

Maricopa - The Possibility of an Island (Fools & Fables)

The first release on our new imprint Fools & Fables is finally in stores, after a seemingly endless chain of unfortunate events, involving bad test pressings, the pressing plant using dodgy lacquers and having to recall 300 finished and shrink-wrapped records from the shops. So with blood-pressure levels still at a life-threatening high, it's time to take a deep, deep breath and enjoy the fact that a rather amazing pair of tunes by Maricopa has finally been committed to vinyl. It sold out from the distro in a day, and seems to be going rather fast at all the big online retailers too. A big thanks goes out to Maricopa and all of you for being so patient with us!

Limited to 300 shrink wrapped copies with no repress and no digital release. If you want to keep track of what we're up to over at Fools & Fables, here's the soundcloud page and the inevitable Facebook page. We have a lush follow-up in the works by Closed Paradise, once the dust has settled a little we'…

V.A. - First Things First EP (Outplay)

I seem to get pickier by the year when it comes to music. It might just be sleep deprivation that's turning me into a grumpy bugger, or the fact that I'm closer to 40 than to 30 these days and have seen all of house music's permutations and combinations come and go. Mind you, I still spend way too much time scanning the pre-sale and 'just in' sections of all the large online purveyors of the black stuff and I still spend a most unhealthy chunk of my meagre income on vinyl each month, but those magical moments when I get truly excited about a new artist or label are few and far between these days.
And then along comes Dutch imprint Outplay with their first forays into the wonderful world of vinyl with a V.A. that reminds me why I love this music so much, restoring the cosmic equilibrium once again. Outplay's been active in the digital realm for a while but as I don't really know what goes on in there (lots of ones and zeros yea?), so I'm not sure what c…