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Riccio - Jungle Way EP / Fly By Night Music Special / Exclusive mixtape

The resilience of vinyl is truly phenomenal. The medium's death has been declared countless times, yet those 'in the know' might have noticed that things seem to have gone full circle with vinyl as of late. The unfathomable mass of new digital music and the obscene amounts of promos that get delivered to the inboxes of bigger names in the industry make it increasingly hard to get noticed for labels and budding producers alike. Disenchanted with this ever-growing digital swamp, a serious contingent of DJs bins digital promos straight away and just sticks to buying and playing vinyl. 

The latest development we've been witnessing is that labels stop relying on sending out mass digital promos and start sending out promotional records to a handful of carefully selected DJs and reviewers. Full circle indeed, seems like we're back in the 90s, where white labels and stencilled hype sheets were such a fixture. This approach may seem horribly outdated, but I can assure you -…

Niccolo Cupo - Ianus (Panta Rhei)

Dusseldorf-based Niccolo Cuppo curates the highly collectable and very limited self-distributed Panta Rhei label, and kindly sent us a copy of the imprint's latest 7" missive called 'Ianus'. In case you were wondering, Panta Rei is ancient Greek for 'everything flows' and means as much as everything is constantly in motion. Ianus is the two-faced Roman God of beginnings and endings, a gatekeeper between future and past of sorts (if you look closely you'll see a handstamped Ianus on the centre sticker, one side smiling, one side frowning). Intriguingly, we're dealing with two versions of 'Ianus' here that are worlds apart indeed. Lips will be curling into smiles whichever side of this delightful little piece of wax you decide to put on first.

Cuppo's original is a slow, moody excursion that cleverly fuses elements of stripped-down deephouse and analogue boogie. The sharp claps and percussion immediately make it stand out from the crowd. It …

Skylevel - Skylevel 6

'Oh Skylevel, how I love thee. I wish more of thy contemporaries had the balls to put out what feels right instead of choosing for what could possibly sell well'

Shakespeare, 1592
Bet you didn't know that eh? Ole William rinsing some fresh edits way back. Must have had the super early promo, the cheeky git. We're not complaining mind, as we got a regular white label promo in just now, and Will sure wasn't far off the mark back in the 1600s. There's something really special about the Skylevel edits imprint indeed. For one, it's run by a very well-respected crew, who have chosen to keep their involvement shrouded in mystery, instead of banking on their own credentials. Then there's the dashing artwork on the sleeves, featuring intricate pencilled drawings from the days of yore, which makes the releases all the more collectable. Most importantly though is the music itself. Yes, we're dealing with edits here, but the curators at Skylevel HQ have never b…

Spleen - Fusionary Pt I (Back To the Balearics)

The 'downtempo/moody/dreamy' section in my record collection might be quite modest in comparison to the hundreds of disco records and the thousands of house twelves I've amassed in the last decade and a half (much to the chagrin of my better half I should add), yet over the past years it is precisely this section that has slowly but surely become the focal point of my homelistening escapades. I blame the wee buggers in my household: there's only so much hi-energy italo one can handle after yet another broken night with toddlers squeeling about impending monster invasions and misplaced ponies of the 'my little' persuasion.

The latest addition to the rapidly expanding wonky downtempo tackle section on my shelves is Spleen's recent EP on Back to the Balearics. The label's lush inaugural release by Maricopa has been one of the highlights of the year for me, with its otherworldly, soul soothing dreamscapes which could best be described as the sonic equivale…