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Chic - Good Times *Kon Mix (Star Time)

The self-proclaimed king of nothing aka KON has been outdoing himself these days, knocking out dancefloor bomb one after another and thus boosting his street cred to Benny Blanco level and then some. I'm ashamed to admit my only finding out about the man after his remix of Sir Own's "Hooked" back in early 2012. Sad this though, cause now I'm playing catchup with some of his ace comps he's put together with partner in crime Amir on BBE, not to mention all the mixes they've also put out together. 
He's gone and hit the bright lights this year too, with a monster LP on BBE entitled 'On My Way', which is surely selling well. We weren't too fond of this one however to be brutally honest - something about it wasn't sitting right for us, and thus we gave it the ol' passeroo. Horses and courses, yaddayadda. 
Anyways on with the show, cause now he's gone and done a massive edit of two very obvious tunes, but it's a glorious 12" a…

Reverend P - Finger Edits (Basic Fingers)

It seems awfully quiet in disco edit land, which is odd, considering it was all the rage to complain about the omnipresence of edits a mere 12 months ago. Then again, maybe it's not that odd, because virtually every single track ever made by mankind has by now been edited at least once (and most likely again by Rayko) and new, housier bandwagons were eagerly jumped on by many people that were never really interested in disco in the first place * coughgoodriddancecough *. A few imprints that were already around before the halcyon days of the last edits craze are still going strong though, like C.O.M.B.I, Disco Deviance and Basic Fingers. It's on the latter that newcomer Parisian 'Reverend P' makes another appearance after having impressed with a pair of sterling EPs for G.A.M.M. earlier this year.

I won't bore you by paraphrasing the release notes and telling you all about how we're dealing with a seasoned house-producer who started promoting Motown parties in …

Out Of The Basement - Rack and Ruin 4

Well the utterly hateful northern wind has officially picked up in the upper tip of Europe, and to combat this my response is to always try to buy more music so as not to go completely batshit crazy while cooped up indoors. First up in this erm, series: the fourth instalment in the stellar Rack and Ruin line, a great imprint run by Evil Kneil out of Manchester. We've picked up most of the previous records in this series over the past year or so and can attest to the carnage they can do to a floor at the right time. This one ain't no exception believe you me. 

 This time the mysterious white label edit series invites the talents of local Manchester duo Out Of The Basement, aka Steve Leggat and James Ellis - both of whom have been involved in the city's thriving music scene for some time. Two tracks up for grabs here, as is the case with all these releases, and to be honest it's really only about the first tune for us - a killer edit of lovely Lyn Christopher's 'T…