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DJ Steve - Special Cuts #3 & #4 (BIS)

This delightful new release on Beats In Space sublabel B.I.S. is flying off the shelves at the moment and comes in limited quantities, so chances are by the time you stumble upon this post it'll be long gone, but this record is way too good to not spend a few words on, so here goes.

According to the release notes, Tim Sweeney met up with DJ Steve on a trip through Europe a few years ago. He'd heard good things about this butcher-by-day / DJ by night in a small town in the south of Italy and looked him up. Steve subsequently let Mr. Sweeney sniff out some of the edits he'd been doing for personal use in his marathon sets (Steve is a bit of a local legend for his monster sets apparantly). Fast forward to late March 2013 and we're looking at the second pair of tracks that Sweeney snapped up.  As far as edits go, these are pretty much perfect again.
Special Cut number 3, hogging the A-side of the release, is an edit of the Destroyers' Slave of Love, an ace bit of left…

Discogs find of the week - Editions Disco

As avid record collectors we obviously try to keep track of new releases coming out. Nothing like discovering a fresh new name yeah? Well, actually, there is: discovering an old name you knew nothing about and spending all your lunchmoney on used copies on Discogs right away. We figured it'd be fun to try and share the wealth and cover some of those dusty puppies on here every once in a while. If needs be, we'll even upload some tracks to youtube for your convenience.

First up is the debut release on Editions Disco, a label run that put out eleven releases between 2005 and 2010 by the likes of label owner Prince Language, Kai (KZR) Alce, Jacques Renault and Rong's Lee Douglas. We're talking edits from an era in which minimal teshno ruled supreme, Ableton had yet to be invented and doing an edit took serious, serious patience and a solid knowlegde of Acid Pro. I stumbled upon this release while searching for tracks by Jimmy Bo Horne (of 'Spank' fame) as a longt…

Prins Emanuel & Golden Ivy - Fasaan Disco Specials No.1 - Midnight Cruise EP (Fasaan Recordings)

Seems just the other day we were blathering on about bad form with hyping records that have been out for a while, but at the same time what to do when stuff SO good slips over our heads? This happens. I mean we're literally up to our ears in baby puke m'kay so can't be trolling the net for fresh records 24/7 now can we? Prins Emmanuel & Golden Ivy, and Fasaan Records are completely new names for us so I suppose it's no surprise that this one went under our radar. Fact is these guys are straight outta Malmo Sweden and are producing some of the freshest disco and heads-down beatdown stuff we've heard in a straight minute. Their new 12", 'Midnight Cruise Ep' shows a broad range of their talent through the bpm spectrum over the three tracks, labeled Midnight Cruise 1, 2, & 3. What's more is these guys are playing all their own instruments - yep live disco band in the house. Fresh like a brand new bakery, delightful stuff that we get all uncomfo…

V.A. - MDC Mates (Melbourne Deepcast)

If you peeped our 'best of 2012' list we put up earlier this year, you might have noticed we got a bit excited about discovering the indisputable talents of Max Graef, one of the driving forces behind the supreme 'Box Aus Holz' label. Apparantly, we weren't the only ones noticing young Herr Graef's chops. His particular branch of disco meets dusty, Detroit-y deephouse made its way to Australia, where Melbourne Deepcast curator Andy Hart immediately recognized a kindred spirit. While in Europe for a tour slash trip last year, Hart met up with Graef in Berlin, they hit it off like Batman and Robin and got dirty in the studio together very succesfully. They've been pinging some amazing tracks back and forth ever since. We cottoned on very quickly and snapped up three of their collabs for Black Ops 4. A quick listen to the fifth release on the Melbourne Deepcast imprint should make it obvious we're very excited about signing this intriguing duo.

Hart &…