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Box Aus Holz - BAH04

It's saturday morning and I have a bitchin' hangover (don't let the Belgians fool you, Jupiler is in fact Lucifer's urine specifically designed to make you feel like a wet noodle) so I'll keep this short, but the new Box Aus Holz record is out, it's big and it's superlimited, so I'd best get on with it.

We cottoned on to the Box Aus Holz camp (which simply means 'wooden box' in case your German is a bit rusty) a couple of months ago when we stumbled upon their soundcloud page and heard clips of of BAH03, an amazing EP with tracks by Gilbert Graef, Curl and Hot Sotu. Originally an Oye Records (Berlin) exclusive and limited to 200 copies, I was very lucky to snatch up one of the few copies Juno got sent. The producers on the record were all new names for me, but all seem to have a serious knack for crafting moody and broody midtempo deephouse with just the right amount of grit and just the right amount of soul.

Luckily we didn't have to wait…

Yse St Laurant - Beards EP (Whiskey Disco)

I friggin' love Sleazy McQueen's Whiskey Disco label. Fifteen releases in and you still don't quite know what to expect when a new release leaves the pressing plant. See the thing is, label boss McQueen (Laurin to his mum) is never afraid to try out new names and new directions. So far we've been treated to beefy disco, chunky beatdown, stoner balearica/ AOR edits , gloopy boogie and everything in between, provided by trusted names like Cole Medina and Eddie C, as well as talented new kids on the block like St. Petersburg Disco Spin and B.G. Baarregaard. Whiskey Disco stuff never gets too beardy nor too butch: it's music made to be played on a dancefloor full of smiling people.

I've had a few brief chats with Laurin over the past years, and - somewhat unsurprisingly when you have a look at the label's roster - his A&R policy can be summarized as follows: "if I like it i'll sign it, and I'll keep signing as long as the records keep breaking…

J.Deep & D.Castillo - Dead as Disco Vol 2

We've been worthless bloggers these past months, it's seems like forever since I last put up a review here. Which is silly, as the end of the summer seems to coincide with an incessant stream of amazing records being released and I've been buying shedloads of 'em. There's a pearl of a new release on Box of Holz, Eddie C made a truely magical record for Crue-L, Whiskey Disko signed four killer tracks by YSE and the Kolour crew have something really special in the works as well. We'll try to cover all of these in the next few days/weeks, and we'll give you a proper update on where we are with the Black Ops series too (our sophomore effort by trusted Mr. Booker will be out really soon!). But first, let's sink our teeth into the second release on the US based Dead as Disco imprint that'll see the light of day by the end of the month. This new edits label is set up by J Deep and D Castillo (the former has done stuff for Deeper Sound Edits and the latter…