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Low Slung (London) - July 2nd

Right, so a Greek philosopher once wrote that 'talking about music is like dancing about architecture', so we figured it was about time we stopped yapping and starting playing some music. While this may not be entirely true (I highly doubt a Greek dude came up with something as inane as 'dancing about architecture' thousands of years ago) we did get invited to come over to London and play some records for Low Slung next saturday at the Horse & Groom (July 2nd).

Kris P and yours truly get to play a 5 hour back to back set in the bar area upstairs. A Dutchman and a Canadian playing dirty disco all night long, that spells trouble... Meanwhile, Italian Wunderkid Nicholas flexes his muscle in the main room with a live show (think samplers, sequencers and filters). We're really looking forward to this party, looks like it's going to be busy and loads of fun!

If you're out and about, come say hi

Check out the RA page for the 411 on this party

Kastil - Dusty Edits (Outernational Holland)

One of the best things about running a little label is getting to meet likeminded people and fellow music enthusiasts. Great people like Mitchel and Dragan for example, who run things over at Outernational, a superclassy, Rotterdam-based online music platform that focusses on all things deephouse and beatdown disco. They're about to pass the point of no return with the first release on their brand new vinyl imprint - Outernational Holland. For their maiden voyage, they enlisted the services of Spanish producer Kastil (Ponton, Editorial), and he delivered a bit of biggie that deserves a few kind words on these here pages.

Senor Kastil kicks things off in style with Back to Philadelphia, a chuggy, bassheavy rework of an old Sister Sledge classic. On the flip there's the lush SMD, a lazy groover with a BIG squelchy bassline and some muted crowd noises thrown in for good measure. The third and final track, "Rolls Royce" largely follows the same recipe. Can't remember …

Lord of The Isles - What's Lord Got To Do With It (American Standard)

Brilliant release by Lord of The Isles (LOTI) on the always on point American Standard imprint. On the A, an old Tina Turner classic gets the LOTI treatment. The result is an eight minute long blissed and dubbed out spaceride, tasty sansfromage. Flip over the record for 'With An Angel', a track I would have signed for Sleazy Beats without blinking. Clocking in around the 100 BPM mark, LOTI gently fuses subtle drums and smooth keys with vocal samples of Marvin Gaye, creating a deliciously deep and chuggy number. Love it.

American Standard by Lord Of The Isles

Buy here

Lord of the Isles will be making on appearance on Sleazy Beats soon, watch this space!

Marius - The Glow of Filter and Dub (Maxi Discs)

Norwegian producer Marius isn't quite a household name yet for us here at SB, he's been putting out music for quite some time under various monkiers, but under his Marius guise he's only dropped a couple of bombs since about 2008, and this one is no exception. The majority of his output has been on the tender yet hefty Maxi Discs out of London - the label that strives to push the "more tropical side of house" and has indeed put out some hefty stonkers. Run by 2 dudes who have contributed significantly to the contemporary disco house romp in recent years, Pete Herbert and Dicky Trisco - the label has consistently offered nothing but high quality goods. Here, featuring the talents of Marius, Trisco himself on remix duties and with 6th Borough Project (who need absolutely no introduction on these pages) with an original track, MD006 could easily be the imprints' most tasty outing to date.

'The Glow of Filter and Dub' (what a seriously awesome na…

Ron Basejam - A life in headphones (Redux)

Got a big batch of new records in yesterday, but so far I haven't been able to stop listening to 'Get Closer', one of the tracks of Ron Basejam's new 12" for Redux. I really liked the first few releases on Redux, but they sort of lost me last year with a string of rather generic nu-disco records. Their first release of 2011 by White Elephant has to be one of the best 10 inches of vinyl I own though, and this new release by Ron Basejam (or James Baron, if you're not into the whole anagram thing) is a proper clusterbomb of a record.

Get Closer on the A-side, with its gentle drums, smooth vocal samples and moody keys, is my pick of the litter (can't wait to start a set with this, just perfect), but the bass-heavy, squelchy slow funk of One Point will work a treat too. Sanfranman on the flip is equally badass, with its chuggy, broken drums sitting perfectly with the vintage vocal samples. Ron Basejam wraps things up with Hell No, another blissed out slow burne…

La Tuerie - The Basement Boutique EP (SBR007)

So our seventh release saw the light of day last week, a four track affair by Milan-based newcomer La Tuerie. He got in touch well over a year ago through myspace (!) offering us a whole batch of superslow and raw basement disco and boogie edits. The slo-mo craze was still in its infancy, so signing four tracks that all clocked in well below the 100 BPM mark by an unknown Italian chap felt like taking a giant leap of faith, so we're over the moon to see the record out in the shops and getting decent press. Here's a few nice writeups we found perusing the net:

Italian newcomer La Tuerie seriously drops the tempo on his debut release for Amsterdam's Sleazy Beats Recordings, coming up with four slow-burning beatdown disco and boogie tracks that are screaming out for play in sweaty basements or sun-kissed beaches.

"Midnight" sets the levels to sleazy as the strains of the Love Unlimited Orchestra's "Midnight Groove" lift off the groove. Seri…