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Onur Engin - Edits Vol 2

I think I've said this before on these pages, but I have a bit of a love & hate affair with disco edits. The advent of soundcloud and ableton has made sure there's hundreds of new edits floating around on the web every day and if you keep a close tab on Juno Download's disco section you see them pop up left and right as well. My main gripe with these edits is that I either think the source material was shit to begin with (can't polish a turd, no matter how obscure said turd might be), or a total lack of imagination on the part of the person responsible for the edit (hurray, a 16 bar intro).

Our friend Onur Engin has restored my faith in merits of editing though, as the second release on his OE imprint showcases EXACTLY how it's done. Instead of an ordinary review, let's draw up some basic lessons in editing by Onur Engin, Istanbul's finest:

A. Carefully pick some of the loveliest music ever made (in this case: Love Me Now by Curtis Mayfield and Bill Summe…

Henry Greenwood - Henry's Edits Volume 1

I have to be honest with you...I'm not too familiar with the name Henry Greenwood. It doesn't ring any bells. Not like, say, UK legend DJ Greg Wilson. Now that is a name I know and trust. Greg only drops the finest of party tracks. The ones that get the people up and the dance floor moving. It is rare that I hear this DJ play something that I would not consider playing myself.
I'm also a sucker for a great edit. And lately, Greg has been dropping a sweet edit into his DJ sets of Sharon Brown's 'I Specialize In Love'. At the height of a good time, I dare a crowd not to move to this one. It really adds a nice bottom end thump and extends a tune that we know and love. A tune we're familiar with... unlike the name Henry Greenwood.
Well, perhaps that will soon change. It turns out that the edit in question is by our mystery man Henry. He has launched his record label Henry's Edits which just recently hit shelves. I'm hearing a lot of that earl…

J.Cub (Eclectic Avenue Recordings) - Sleazy Beats Mix

Eclectic Avenue Records' head honcho Jacob Kelly was kind enough to get busy behind the decks and take care of the first Sleazy Beats guest mix of 2011. I've been slobbering all over the three records the Leeds-based vinyl-only imprint put out in 2010, which should come as no surprise when there's class acts like LTJ XPerience, Popular People's Front and current darlings Dead Rose Music Company involved. We earmarked E.A.R. (see what I did there?) as a label to watch out for in 2011 in our '2010 wrap-up', and I can safely predict that their forthcoming 12" by the label's own Ryan Shaw is going to be one of the biggest records of this winter. Don't take my word for it though, give JCubs excellent Sleazy Beats mix a whirl and find out for yourself just how exciting their planned releases are. I've had this one on repeat for a few days now, it's truly an amazing beatdown disco safari.

1. LTJ Xperience "You Touch Me"
2. Joshua…

Dead Rose Music Company mixing things up for Delusions of Grandeur

We've professed our love for the ludicrously talented Dead Rose Music Company many a times on these pages, and predicted great things for the UK based production outfit. Oddly enough, their debut record on the ace E.A.R. imprint flew under the radar a little, but was easily one of my favorite releases of 2010. The seminal 'Just a Bitter Love' on Wolf Music deservedly propelled DRMC into instant stardom though, and the track has been topping Juno's sales charts for weeks now. Our mysterious friends start things off in style in the new year with a killer mix for the esteemed Delusions of Grandeur podcast series. Not only is it a rather splendid blend of contemporary disco, it features no less than two forthcoming tracks from our little record label. The mix starts off with Francis Inferno Orchestra's delicious Lovers, the B track on FIO's The Night He Came Home EP which will be out early February. Dead Rose's own 'Kissing in the Dark', which we snappe…