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Sleazy 2010 wrap-up / List-o-rama

Let's face it, 2010 has been a rather fantastic year. Yes, the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico was horrible, kids getting trampled to death at Germany's Love Parade a horror scenario and to top it all off, those Take That wankers got back together. The miners in Chile survived though, Obama managed to hook up every American with health insurance (welcome to the developed world, American brothers and sisters!), babies were born, Soundcloud took over the world, disco dragonpunched minimal techno and the exploding edit scene kept vinyl alive pretty much by itself. For us over at Sleazy Beats, 2010 was pretty special too, with our first 5 releases all selling out in record time. Eddie C's Rocket Science EP is going for over 60 Euros on Discogs these days, Tornado Wallace's record is simply impossible to find and some of our favorite DJs have been rinsing SE62 and Daniel Solar's tracks for months. We've bought some incredible music these past twelve months and tr…

Bedmo Disco Edits up for grabs

The kind people over at Bedmo decided to get with the Christmas spirit and treat us to a delectable bunch of free high quality edits by the likes of Cosmic Boogie, Jimmy the Twin and a host of other talented discobeards. Comes with a tasty mini-mix from the Bedmo crew too (which comes in handy when you´re stranded on snowy trainstations and malfunctioning airports * sigh *). All you have to do is post up a little tweet or facebook message and the goodies are yours to keep and cherish. Get your goodies here

Maxxi Soundsystem - Criticize (Kojak)

Brighton's Maxxi Soundystem ensemble drop their debut 12" on Kojak, Finland's finest. We were sent this a few weeks ago and it didn't quite fit in the bunch of moody midtempo sets we were doing for a few blogs etc, so I almost forgot about this release. Thank god for being snowed in and perusing the stacks of music we got lying around Sleazy HQ, because this latest 12 by Kojak is a right treat. It's quite a departure from the usual fare we cover on these pages, as we're dealing with peaktime disco fodder here, drawing heavily on cheeky 90s tunes (think wailing diva, electronic tom drums and euro synths). As bad as that may sound, Maxxi Soundsystems' deep and heavy rub of Alexander O'Neal's Critize works a real treat. While the original track is a genuine slice of late 80s cheeze (check out the original video here, it's awesome in a very twisted way) the rerub is a cool piece of modern boogie. The flip is great too, but it's all about the A …

House Is The Cure - We Get By With A Little Help

If you've been following our ramblings on here, you should know by know we're big fans of Kolour, one of America's most consistent deephouse imprints. Our friends from Kolour branched out into disco territory this year with the tasty vinyl-only Kolour Limited Series, which featured heavyweights such as Eddie C, Alex Agore and Tornado Wallace. In 2010 the Kolour boys also relaunched their charity project - House is the Cure. The concept is simple: producers pitch in a free track and all proceeds are donated to charity - "helping out someone in need one track at a time". Hats off to the Kolour crew for this initiative, it's pretty amazing to see such selflessness in this day and age.

In the case of We Get By With A Little help, it's not only a great initiative, it's a badass record too. Kolour lined up 4 of the biggest guns in beatdown disco edit land for this release. On the A Nicholas steps to the plate for a delish vocal disco workout with trademark N…

Eddie C - Migration EP (Sound of Speed Japan)

It's been more than a while since we covered a record by our hero Eddie C on these pages, if we were to cover more of his releases on here we'd seriously be writing about him on a weekly basis. As we predicted 2010 has been an impeccable year for the man - he's quickly emerged into one of the most in demand producers, remixers and djs out there; he's been booked at some of the hottest parties worldwide in recent months, constantly on the move to grace the decks at gigs in Detroit, Japan, Germany, France, England, and at the recent Sleazy Beats label parties in Melbourne and Sydney Australia. In short, Eddie's had a pretty damn successful year to say the least, and looks poised to take 2011 by storm as well.

The new one by the crown prince of dirty disco entitled 'The Migration Ep' on Japan's Sound of Speed imprint has finally hit the shops. I've been hitting refresh on my browser daily to see if it's finally in stock ever since it po…

Onur Engin - Edits Vol. 1

Without a doubt some of the finest quality edits on the market these days are coming from Istanbul by our friend the blindingly talented Onur Engin, a genius producer who we've gone on about on these pages before. His recent slabs on UK label Square Records are seriously two of the most exciting pieces of wax we've heard in months; I honestly defy anyone to try and sit still during his rub of William DeVaughn's Be Thankful, or Rock Creek Park on SQ003 for that matter. Always exquisitely crafted with clear homage to respect the carefully selected source material, Onur's midas production touch is consistently setting standards miles above the rest. Buy the wife some new books, tickets to the zoo, trip to the spa - whatever it takes because you'll be wanting some serious alone time with his new record. 100% essential for lovers of funk/soul, disco and house, you're crazy if you think you don't need this record in your life.

The culprit is the spanki…

Three Sugars Please

Damn, loads of great new music coming out these days ("vinyl is dead" my ass). We already covered Francis Inferno Orchestra's ace new record for Under The Shade last week, but there's a shedload of other great records that deserve a mention on these pages, so here's three picks to get your early Christmas shopping going.

OOFT - Just Peachy (Wolf Music)

New music from The Wolf Music camp is always a treat, and their 7th outing definately doesn't disappoint. As we've come to expect, it's a sampler with 4 different artists. Winner for me is OOFT, who whip a cheeky Melba Moore sample into a deephouse frenzy on the smashing 'Just Peachy'. Can't get enough of this track, been playing it all over the place.

Just Peachy by aliOOFT

Buy the heavy pressing (180 gr!) of this record here

Erdbeerschnitzel - Suave (4Lux)

Goddamnit I love Erdbeerschnitzel, I love everything he touches. Been itching to get my hands on Suave for what seems like a million years, …