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Soundstream 5 (Soundstream Germany)

Quick heads up to let you know about a top-shelf housey little nugget by the always inspirational Berliner Soundstream (aka Frank Timm), who is back after what seems to be a 2-year hiatus with Soundstream #5, on his astounding self-titled imprint. We're huge Soundstream fans here at SBR, I still play the hell out of Soul Train from his second release from 2005, amazing track, great record. This cat usually somehow sneaks in a bit of gold from each genre in his productions, for the house as well as disco dudes, but also nods are often made even to the tech beards as well. I'm well excited about the B1 'Tease Me' on this one, which we'll surely pitch down and play on repeat in all its glory at the sleazy office.

The other two are smashers as well in their own right, Deeper Love being a swirly, loopy house cut with reverbed, dizzy keys and stuttery claps. Flip it over for 'All Night', another great cut with slick slap-bass and tight keys. The housier …

Eltron John - And Then We Realize (Koh-I-Noor)

Stumbled upon this release over the weekend while perusing the ´disco/edits´ section of my local record dealer and boy what a find this is. Both Eltron John and Koh-I-Noor are new names for me. My friend Google tells me we´re dealing with a supertalented young gun from Poland here (which seems to be a hotbed for filthy disco these days).

It´s And Then We Realize on the A that tickles my pickle. It´s a superslow (90 BPM) shuffly affair with heavy yet subtle drums and leftfield sythn stabs and lines. It´s the haunting vocal loop (you guessed it: ´and then we realize´) that sucks you in and keeps you hypnotised for the duration of the flight. The two disco stompers on the flip aren´t half-bad either. Secret Weapon alert!

...And Then We Realize by Eltron John

Buy here

SouthWest Seven EP - (Kolour Limited)

Ahhh, finally. Our good friends at Kolour Recordings have rolled out the red carpet with their third release in the Kolour Ltd series. For the vinyl geezers among us this label has been doing something well nifty with their lovely aesthetics (not to mention the smashing music) that makes you wonder wether to either put em up on the wall or play em', (ok well that's not really true now is it). The boys at Kolour have been seriously on point when it comes to quality control since day one, having put forth some mint releases to date on their Ltd. series involving tracks from two sleazy faves that have obviously tickled our fancies. This time we're treated to a special treat by newcomers SouthWest Seven that could quite possibly be the best in the Ltd series yet, featuring three beastly cuts that all hit the spot nicely in their own way.

My Ride has to be the cut that cruises directly up my alley, with a few twists along the way. Timing in wonderfully slow, this u…

Cruel L Grand Orchestra - Barbarella * Eddie C remixes

Sorry we haven´t been posting much these past weeks, things are busy at the moment and we´re getting everything ready for our next release (more on that bit of exciting news to follow soon). Couldn't let Eddie's pair of incredibly sexy remixes of Cruel L Grand Orchestra's Candy Mountain in the Rainy Woods pass without a quick headsup though. Both takes of this classic clock in at around 105 BPM and have those dreamy, subtle drums Eddie is so good at and take you straight to wonderland. Delight of a record after the rather overhyped and disappointing Theo Parrish remix of More than Paradise on this Japanese imprint.

Yes, the record is stupidly overpriced. Yes, it's stupidly limited. And yes, you need this in your life. Time to smash the piggybank and pony up the 18 odd quid for a copy, you won't regret it. Special stuff.

Listen/buy here

Popular People's Front - Limited Series 03

You know it's a good week when we get another record in by Popular People's Front (although yeah I know, it actually surfaced last week), which is hard to believe but is possibly an upstage of the previous two in their limited series. This freshly squeezed third release is yet another hand-stamped collectors item by the edit gurus PPF (aka Bill Brewster, Chris Duckenfield, and Leo Elstob aka aka Leo Zero) and features three absolutely infectious cuts of their own brand, resulting in a diverse wobble-fest of the highest callibre as we've come to expect from these guys.

The A is essentially worth the ride price alone in my opinion, with Abah Dabah Dis, a stumbly/mid-tempo/balkan disco-cracker with Eastern vocals, killer acidline and clarinets. I know it sounds quite odd but let's face it the gypsy balkan sound is seriously catchy, and this is one tune bound to get people excited. Flip it over for the B that similarly won't disappoint, with a more true-disco …