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Magic Wand Edits vol 1

New Edits label coming out of the Is It Balaeric Camp. I'm usually not too big on the whole Balearic/Beardo thing so I almost skipped this while browsing the new disco pile at my local. Boy oh boy what a waste that would have been. The first cut on the A by French DJ Steef called 'Black Savates' is one hell of a trippy rework of a Black Sabbath track, clocking in at a whoppin' 94 BPM. Seriously lush stuff, can't wait to hear more more Steef. The 'Randy' track by Coyote, also on the A, isn't really for me (a rework of Randy Crawford's You Might Be Somebody with a little too many swooshes and filters and not enough oomph).

Meanwhile, Sleazy Beats' favorite BE (who should really put out more music, his stuff on Wolf, Stillove4music and Prime Numbers is just dandy) adds heavy drums and a killer groove to a track I don't recognize on the flip. Heavy stuff, if you like things heavy and slow (think KRL, Frank Booker) you'll love this one. Coyot…

7 Inches of Love vol 5&6

Good things tend to come in pairs, as these two new additions to the rather spectacular 7 Inches of Love catalogue go on to prove. The first four releases on the label featured nothing but lovely, low-paced unpolished disco deepness by the likes of The Mole, Koosh and Eddie C and fetch silly amounts on discogs these days (seriously, they´re impossible to find, so glad I whipped out the card when they first surfaced). Number 5 and 6 are sure to follow the same path, as it´s another ridulously tasteful selection of tunes we´re dealing with here.

Koosh´s ´Closer Baby´ is my pick on number 5, a moody and broody slice of beatdown spacedisco. Cristobal´s ´I Had Your Love All To My Own´ on number 6 is my pick of the entire litter though, a superslow edit of an old moody track (also sampled by Ice Cube for You Know How You Do it, which was a total highschool anthem for me).
All tracks are superclassy though, so do yourselves a favor and head over to Hardwax in Berlin and pick up a copy of these…

Craig Smith (6th Borough Project) Ruff Jamz mix

Quick headsup to let you know the mightly Craig Smith (he of 6th Borough Project and Soul Renegades fame) took care of the latets installment of the Ruffjamz mix series. Scotland´s finest takes us by the hand and welcomes us to wonderland: two and a half hours of smooth, subtle grooves, ranging from the deepest downtempo beats to peaktime deephouse. Essential stuff by one of the best in the game. This will make my daily jog a whole lot less painful...

Download here

PS You might have heard a track by Craig under his Soul Renegades guise called Darlin´ on Craig´s sublime 6th Borough Project Vol. 2 mix (if you don´t have it yet, hunt it down down, it´s immense). We´ve been lusting after it for a while now, but word on the street is it´s coming out on Instruments of Rapture later this year. We´ll make sure to keep an eye out for it and keep you up to date.

SE62 - Sleazy Beats Mix

We've been lucky enough to be blessed with the tenth installment of our Sleazy Beats exclusive mix series, this time by none other than SE62, the uber-talented Ukranian behind a couple of massive tunes from 2009 on UK label Home Taping Is Killing Music: 'Wall Ride' and 'The Tape'. Both of these cuts pretty much succeeded in getting our rocks off and then some here at SBHQ, and were subsequently played on repeat by some of our favourite djs in and around this little musical corner of the world. The mix he's generously put together for us is a megatight blend of a few of our favourite bits from recent months, tracks by the likes of Mark E, Tornado Wallace, some special funk/disco re-works and an unreleased tune of his own that we must say is nothing short of spectacular.

SE62 has just started to scratch the surface of the slowdisco world release-wise, but his ventures so far prove he's got a knack for constructing some of the tastiest mid-tempo gro…

Idjut Boys - Implant (Noid)

I've been waiting to write about a new Idjut Boys (aka Dan Tyler & Conrad McDonnell) release on these pages for some time now, but to be honest I haven't really been feeling their past few outings, but this new one on their Noid imprint is pretty special. Dem Idjuts have a pretty extensive discog of original prods and remixes under their belts as they've been at it for almost 20 years (!) their sound always going against the grain of the time. I for one have been snapping up many of their releases on and off for ages, some of their early stuff like 'Radio Rage' and 'Schlamm Me' (w/ Quakerman), 'Smoking Balls', and of course 'Girth Soup' I have seriously rinsed to a soft pulp.

This one entitled 'Implant' is essentially the same track on the A and B, (featuring the Full Frontal and the Back Passage versions), but damn what a tune. The Idjuts always had a heavy dub element meshed into their productions but this one more so…

Sleazy gets with the program

Just a quick headsup to let you know we set up a Facebook account. We had to shut down the comments section on the blog because some douche installed malware somewhere, which meant clicking on a link prompted either penis enlargement medication or free university degrees (for real, getting an MA AND a huge schlong was never this easy/cheap!). The reviews now appear automatically on the FB page (poof! like magic) where you can let us know what you think, offend us, ask us serious questions about high fequencies (about which we know absolutely nothing) and all that good stuff.

Pop on in and say hi!

Vakula - Firecracker Ep 5 (Firecracker Recordings)

The yet again long awaited Vakula 10" on the hugely respected Firecracker imprint dropped recently at all fine shops. The sheer and mighty talent that seems to be coming from much of Eastern Europe in recent years is nothing short of extraordinary, and this brilliant Ukranian is no exception. He knows exactly how to explore his way around the deep territory and then some, the proof is in the pudding with this tasty nugget. Packed with all the right elements, we think this one's sure to live up to ze expectations.

Some highly praise-worthy numbers here: firstly, Intro is a killer lush, broken house track with haunting synths that keeps it locked to a sleaze-worthy 88 bpm groove (woop), something for those odd summer nights where you need a bit of room to breathe. Dark and slow and moody as nothing else can be is right where you'd place this one. Tune in and space right out kids. You Can Do keeps tried n' true to more sub-sounding fodder with a bit quicker t…