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Ilija Rudman - Call Me Tonight Vol. 1 (Red Music)

Killer new EP by one of our favorite producers Ilija Rudman has just hit the shelves, on his tasty Red Music imprint. 'Call Me Tonight Volume 1' doles out three smoking discofunk cuts - all of which just so happen to be chock full of the stellar grooves that we love. A1 kicks things off with the original version of the title track, serving up a right saucy slap-bassline, woodblock and electro claps that will have fans of Spirit Catcher et al. sitting up straight in their chairs. Next, the instrumental version of 'Night People' moves over to a sightly lighter mood with a couple of beautifully laid back guitar riffs, smooth synths atop a nice punchy kick that moves the track along quite nicely. Finally flip her over for the full-length B-side where things get nudged back up to high gear with The Revenge's 'Engaged' mix of Call Me Tonight, which is just brimming with top-notch quality as we've come to know and expect.

Meander over to Juno to snap up this go…

Red Rack'em - All I Ever Wanted (Untracked)

Red Rack'ems highly anticipated new EP for the classy Untracked imprint is finally out, and it sure was worth the wait. The Nottingham-based beatsmith drops the tempo and conjures up three moody, deeper-than-deep slow burners that would do Moodyman proud. The title track on the A-side is a sublime beatdown affair with vocal snippets, eerie synth stabs and heavy drums. On the flip we get 'In Love again', a moody excursion that is built around an Outkast/Andre 3000 sample, which in my humble opinion is one of Red Rack'ems best tunes to date. The second track on the B is another slow and moody workout with more than a nod to Detroit. Essential record, don't sleep on this.

Red Rack'em 'In Love Again' by Red Rack'em

As usual with Untracked, this is a vinyl only affair, so head over to Juno and get your paws on this. Make sure to tune into Red Rack'ems radio show too, it's class.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for more stuff coming out of the Red camp …

Duff Disco - Return of the Duff (DUFF002)

Duff Disco drops the next set of edits on his own Duff Disco imprint and boy does he deliver another tasty pair. The first release by the Duff camp is one of the dopest records I've picked up in a while, offering supreme slo-mo reworks of David Bowie and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers (I know how disastrous that sounds but it's really really good, check out some samples here).

The second release will see the light of day in a week or three, and features a cheeky low-slung rework of Return of the Mack. In case you were born outside of Europe after 1980: The Return of The Mack was a monster hit in the 90s by Mark Morisson, a British R 'n B/Urban badboy with a seriously messed up haircut who managed to get thrown in jail for paying a lookalike to perform Morrison's court-appointed community service in his stead (!).

Duff uses/reworks that killer hook of Return of the Mack to maximum effect, creating a 100 BPM monster of a groove. There's two versions, one with snippets of t…

Brad Slyde & Discobreak (Free disco downloads)

"Montreal's best kept secret" Brad Slyde has a heavy hand for all things disco...the man's got a collection of old classic vinyl gems that would make many DJs stomachs churn and their knees weak. I remember being in his loft apartment around 2002 and looking around only to be staring at virtually wall-to-wall records, a DJ setup, and a massive Fender stack covering an entire wall up to the was something out of a movie.

He also has a penchant for the edit, and has painstakingly taken it upon himself to cut and beef up some older gems over the years, prodding them in just the right spots, bringing them back into life like only he can. Luckily for us he's been kind enough to send us a couple of extremely tasty disco edits to hefty WAV format! Grab em below:

Scum - Lay Down (Brad Slyde Edit)
Mighty Pope - Inagadadavida (Brad Slyde Edit)

Aside from djing around the Montreal circuit, he also puts on a quality radio show called Heavy Rotation where…

YSE - Together (Free download)

YSE, one half of Matlock's infamous wonky deephouse production duo Rhythm Plate (who happen to have the funniest website I've ever stumbled upon - make sure to check it and turn up the volume) kindly lets us give away Together, a fantastic infectious slow burner with both oomph and soul, just the way we like it. It's not the first time YSE drops the tempo: make sure to check out his ace remix of Frank Solano's Blue Lines on Kolour Recordings that came out a while ago here.

YSE - Together

Listen to YSE's other bits and some excellent mixes here

LTJ XPerience Sleazy Beats Mix

We're thrilled to bring you the next installment of the Sleazy Beats Exclusive Mixes series by Italian Beatdown Disco emperor LTJ X-Perience (or Luca Trevisi to his mum). LTJ's releases on Irma, Super Value, Hidden History and It's A Small World Disco have been causing quite a stir in beatdown/slow-motion house circles. Let's face it, LTJ doesn't really need an introduction on these pages, we simply love everything he touches.

To celebrate the fact that we got the work together on the next Sleazy Beats Recordings release (The Beatdown Soundmachine EP with mixes by LTJ X-Perience), LTJ kindly provided us with an exclusive mix. Mostly featuring his own productions, the mix is a perfect showcase of LTJ's sound: deep, chuggy hypnothic grooves with oodles of soul and funk.

Listen/download the mix here

LTJ XPerience - Sleazy Beats Mix (Jan 2010) by SleazyBeats

1. Side Effect - Private world (edited) * Fantasy
2. Super Value 09 (ltj edits) - Mellow Mood * super value
3. …

V/A - Fresh Noodles (Prime Numbers)

Just a quick note from Sleazy HQ to draw your attention to a fresh new joint on the Prime Numbers label. This imprint (run by Manchester DJ and artist Trus'me) has put forth some really forward thinking, organic music, and this 12" is no exception.
You've got three cuts offered here. A lot of DJs will immediately focus on the upbeat MCDE track, especially given his current popularity. There's also a nice broken beat thing here from Mahogani Music artist Andre that has a familiar sample (is that PYT?... nah, something similar... right on the tip of my tongue)... but I'm skipping immediately over to the title track, 'Fresh Noodles'.
On this cut, Mr. Scruff gets together with Kaidi Tatham (who is part of Bugz In The Attic, among other groups). The two of them craft a smooth midtempo groove with nice stabs, smooth keys, a wonderful flute melody, and a touch of shake and boogie in all the right places. Whacking in around 110 bpms, this is what 'drop…

Sleazy Beats Recordings news

Our debut release by Canadian superhero Eddie C has sold out - the limited pressing (only 500 copies) apparantly flew off our distro's shelves, and the record reached the #2 spot on Juno's Disco Sales Charts. Thanks to all of you who picked it up and supported the release. A few shops still have a copy or two, so if you missed it before, grab one before it's too late!

We have some great new music lined up for you for 2010. We're currently getting everything in gear for SBR002, a two-track EP by The Beatdown Soundmachine, a mysterious Italian production outfit that wishes to remain anonymous for the moment. Both tracks (slow, deep loopy disco edits) have been given the remix treatment by Super Value's LTJ X-perience to great effect. We're expecting this record to hit the shops in February; samples and more info to follow soon.

Around April we'll be releasing a killer EP by Tornado Wallace (already a firm favorite of The Revenge and Craig Smith). This Austral…

VA - Future Disco: The Extended Future Disco Mix - DJ Version (Needwant)

2010! Not really what I had envisioned to be honest, I've been checking the skies for flying cars and have been pretty disappointed so far.

Anyways a fitting post here to start the new year I think, about a fantastic little comp by many of our favourite artists that we've talked about on these pages over the past year. Sean Brosnan's excellent UK label Needwant - the very same that just recently released the superb Revenge EP 'Just Be Good To Me', (some copies are still at Juno, it's a wicked record) now brings us Future Disco: The Extended Future Disco Mix - which yes, the acclaimed 'mixed' version came out back in September. This one too offers the mixed disc which is nice for home listening sure...but the real meat is the 'DJ version' with all these classy tunes unmixed to jam out in your mix sets. This little disc features many sleazy faves that all of us here have been pretty damn head over heels about for a while, and is undoubtedly a worth…