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Super Value Super Soul Mix

By now you should know that we here at Sleazybeats are big fans of the mysterious Super Value Special Edits crew. The Italian masters have perfected the art of reworking old and forgotten stuff into proper hypnotizing dancefloor burners, complete with raw Theo Parrish-style drums. If you have yet to discover these dons, make sure to check out their excellent 12" series (Juno happens to have 'em all right now).

Following on their ace Manifesto mix CD, the Super Value editeers slow down the pace on the Super Soul installment and take us on a ride through 14 sublime soul tracks, all sprinkled with the Special Edit magic dust, blended oh so smoothly by our Italian friends, who prove just how smashing an 85 BPM mix can be.

Absolutely essential, and at a very reasonable price too. Buy now before they're all gone!

Mudd - 54B (Leng)

A really tasty treat has arrived just in time for the weekend. Newbie label Leng blasts off hard with a smashing cosmic disco chugger by Rong Music guru, Mudd. Together with shuffly space disco partners in crime Smith, Ben Cook, Tussle, Barfly, and Woolfy (among others) Mudd has produced some of the tastiest and dirtiest out-there space funk I've ever heard both on Rong and numerous other imprints like Claremont, Noid, Bear Funk etc.

This track actually came out in 2006 on Rong, with an original Mudd version and a Rune Lindbæk remix. Leng 001 - "54B" now has 3 more versions of the title track on offer, with none other than Sleazybeats fave Ray Mang churning out the 3 different remixes. Sigh. As is often the case, definitely hard to pick a fave again. The A-side is the original; a very strong track with mangled strings, soft pads and disco drums, perfect for low-slung nudisco sets. B1 gets down slightly edgier with a subtle acid version - really not too hard hitting, whic…

Fernando - Scarecrow EP (Redux)

Following on the most excellent recent Redux compilation, the label kindly sent us its latest EP by 20/20 Soundsystem member, Fernando Pulichino. As we've come to expect from Redux it's a rather fantastic record (with some great artwork on the center labels).

The title track is a midtempo chugger with filthy synth stabs and some sweet looped up humming thrown in for good measure. Fernando speeds things up a little of the flip with Blade Drummer, sticking to the same recipe (sans the humming): a relentless groove, propelled by an organic sounding bassline and filthy synth stabs. Desert comes in the form of a most tasty remix of Scarecrow by our Croatian friend Illja Rudman, who re-arranges the drums and turns in a moody makeover. All three tracks will work a treat on the floor, hard to pick a favorite. It's out now, pick up a copy before it's too late!

And while you're waiting for the mailman to drop off that nice phat square package in a few days, have a listen to …

Bombers - Everybody Get Dancing/Don't Stop The Music (Bombers)

Ok so yeah it's a bit strange that I'm posting about another serious "real" disco release again but, hey whatever...I think it's definitely worth talking about. The classic Bombers 1 and 2 disco records have been re-released. Originally from 1979, most of these Bombers singles came out on a number of bigwig disco labels over the years, West End to name one. These guys seriously had a knack for put together some of the catchiest disco beats and tunes I've heard. Their classic dancefloor gems like Shake, Pistolero, and Get Dancin' have been favorites of mine for quite some time. Out once again on the Bombers label, they can be heard and purchased here along with some other heavy disco bombs. Enjoy!

Linkwood - System (Prime Numbers)

When I first heard "Miles Away", the initial release from the Firecracker label, I was just speechless. Not only was the cover art something to remember, but the music put out by this "Linkwood Family" was something that was quite refreshing.
Over a year later and we're still waiting for Firecracker 04 to be released... now we have something new to add to that wish list. Nick Moore (Linkwood himself) will be releasing his full length LP, called "System", on the Prime Numbers label. This album is aimed at the dancefloor and delivers on every track! There is a lot of well produced house music here, sprinkled with disco, Detroit and Chicago influences. There's also a couple of slower paced jams that grind along just the way we like 'em.
You can pre-order your advance copies, and listen to samples of every track at Rush Hour. The album is due for release September 28th.

Mark Seven - Travelogue (Twelve Inches of Delight)

Mark Seven is a well respected name in the world of underground disco, leftfield and EDM. His knowledge of music is vast and his record collection even greater. If you've ever shopped at JusWax, this is one of the guys that is stocking the place with rare treats.

This is why I was surprised to discover that one of his records slipped under my radar last month. Mark comes at us with his smooth "Travelogue" release, a 12" slice of midtempo disco heaven. Whether you're into the cosmic sound, a lover of deep house, or that 100 bpm slow-motion sound, this record has a little bit for everyone.

You can find some samples here. Take one listen and you will quickly understand why his stuff is sought out by nu-disco heavyweights such as The Revenge, Atlantic Conveyer, Toby Tobias, Faze Action and Social Disco Club.

Sleazy McQueen - Naked (Hairy Claw)

Sleazy McQueen has been on fire lately, dropping filthy bombs left and right. It's Naked on Hairy Claw that is the pick for me, one of Sleazy's finest productions to date: a chugging dirty funkfest that reminds me of Casinoboy's recent record on Jisco (which is a good thing in my book). Happy to report that Hairy Claw enlisted the services of Sleazybeats' personal hero Eddie C, who delivers a supersmooth hypnotic midtempo rerub, complete with his trademark crisp drums. Pick up this lovely couple for the price of a beer then, they WILL make your life better. Essential.

Naked by SLEAZY MCQUEEN /w Eddie C remix

Zig Zag - Zig Zag (Pacha)

There's been a long awaited reissue in the exciting world of disco 12" records recently. The (until now) next-to-impossible-to-find self-titled gem by obscure 1970's Quebec (?) underground disco band Zig Zag (Dick Torros & Taj Bolduc) has been unleashed again on the small Canadian Pacha imprint. The original of this classic gem has been elusive for even many of the most dedicated disco record collectors for years; the original 197? version has often in the past been seen in stores and various online bids for no less than $100. Oh what a joy it is to be able to snag these tunes on wax for a decent price finally!

With some of the tracks from the original having been played in sets by massive heavyweight disco dj and die-hard record collector and afficionado Lovefingers, you can expect nothing but pure quality here. These tunes pay homage to the classic disco sound of the 70s, perfect to throw in a set for that 'toot-toot, hayyy, beep-beep' disco moment in a clas…

Frank Booker - Paper Cuts (Untracked)

Frank Booker drops his second EP on the excellent Untracked imprint. Frank's debut release was a three tracker with mid-tempo dopeness of the highest order. Standout track on that record was Universal Drive, which I've been playing to a pulp over the past months.

With his sophomore release - Paper Cuts - Booker firmly puts himself firmly on the map of discofied midtempo deepness. The title track of the EP is a nice synthy chugger that will please the fans of Eskimo Recordings. It's Get On on the flip that makes this such a special record though. Hit the player below, sit back, close your eyes, and try to sit still during the 7 and a half minute sleazefest that ensues. Sublime tune, destined for big things. Go out and buy this record now on heavyweight wax, you won't regret it.

Leftside Wobble

"Joining the dots between dub, funk, disco & house. No specific genres, eras, musical fads or other such nonsense. Just a celebration of grooves that tickle your hips and soothe your soul".

That's Leftside Wobble for you, one of the most exciting names in re-edit land at the moment. His recent rerubs of Ashford & Simpson and (scary man) Teddy Pendergrass are most wobbly indeed: extended, re-arranged and beefed up disco niceness that works a treat on discerning floors.

Makes sure to check out his blog, where you can find/download some of his edits and which offers a new mix about every other week. Essential stuff, excellent blog. We like!

Leftside Wobble

Hidden History Recordings

One of the most underrated producers in the realm of midtempo electronica is LTJ X-perience, a guy from Bologna, Italy, who has been making music for as long as I can remember. You might have heard his classy slow burner 'I love you', which featured on Mark E's seminal recent RA mix. Another personal favorite is 'Cocos' on Irma, which has been a bit of a secret weapon of mine for quite a while now. Now he teams up with Riccio for a three tracker on the brand spankin' new Hidden History Recordings imprint. All three tracks are deep, chugging, low-slung BEASTS with more than a whiff of the Super Value Crew sound... (another mystery solved?). I haven't been this excited about a new record in a while, go check for youself, you won't regret it.

Preview the entire record here or check the ridiculously delicious 'Sun Healer' in the player below.

P.S. Scheduled for release in August/September