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Super Value Edits - Super Manifesto

Hot on the heels of the Ray Mang CD release comes this sublime mastermix of reworkings by Italian mystery duo Super Value. Over the past year or two, these boys have put out some superb edits, using a simple (but very effective) recipe: extend and cut up an obscure disco track, add druggy, chuggy raw Theo Parrish-esque drums and you have yourself a tune that invariably gets people running to your decks asking what you're playing. For those of you that haven't picked up any of the 12"s, this is your chance to get in on Italy's best kept disco secret at a great price. It's essentially a Mastermix but the tracks have been 'mixed' in a way that still allows us jocks to mix the individual tracks. Essential.

Don't wait too long, the first batch apparantly sold out within a day...

Order Super Manifesto at Phonica

Ray Mang - Mangled Again

Nice surprise, this little CD release by Ray Mang, featuring 9 reworks/rerubs/edits that were previously stricly vinyl (on his own label Mangled). I already own quite a few of those 12" so nothing new for me here, but it feels great to have all that tasty stuff on one shiny disc.

Particular highlights for me are the rework of Love Dancing (a partystarter if I ever heard one), the squelchy/bleepy Awright and, most of all, Cereal Dancing (soulclaps, electric guitars and jazzy keys, sounds pretty perfect to me). Let's start out with this stellar rerub though...

Listen to Ray Mang - Holy Ghost!

Pick up the cd at Juno

Chez Damier - Time Visions 1 (Mojuba)

I remember picking up my first single on Mojuba a few years ago (which happened to be a lovely record by Sven Weiseman). Remember the little bits of cloth they used to stick on the white sleeve? Well, Mojuba has left the realms of obscurity over the past few years and established itself as a prime outlet for the deepest/ambient house and techno around.

I was surprised to see deephouse veteran Chez Damier on the label's release roster, but apparantly the good people at Mojuba decided to create a sister-label (Mojuba G.O.D. - Good Old Dance) to unleash Damier's hidden and forgotten tracks onto the world. I don't particularly care for the two old Prescription tracks on this EP (check out the excellent Brawther release on Balance Alliance if you're into this kind of stuff for an updated take on the prescription sound), but the midtempo burner 'Why' is sheer class. A trippy, stripped down track with some ace harmonica lines. Can't wait to play this out, perfect …

Pepe Bradock - Path of most resistance

Pepe Bradock has always been a bit of a hero of mine. He released a string of seminal records in the 90's. Tracks like Lara, Deep Burnt, Atomphunk and Vermeille on Kif still sound fresh today. Most of his recent output has been so weird and out of touch with the dancefloor I kind of lost interest though. Out of sheer boredome I decided to give his new release on his own Atavisme a listen, and I can't say I regret it: PEPE'S BACK ON TRACK. Two cuts on offer, both deep, wobbly, rough and highly playable. The king has returned.

Listen and pre-order here

MCDE - Raw Cuts #5

I was thrilled to find out there's another Raw Cuts release from Germany's Motor City's Drum Ensemble coming up. These guys seem to save their best output for their Raw Cuts label (The recent 2020 vision thing wasn't really my bag to be honest). The first two Raw Cuts were midtempo burners of the highest order. Detroity strings, heavy drums and chopped up vocals looped up and laced over the raw-sounding production.

This new release seems to be a one-sided affair, which starts out with some vocal snippets of Marvin Gaye and turns into headnodding fodder of the highest order. It pretty much follows the same recipe as used for the first two releases (sloppy claps, soul vocals, moodymanesque keys and drums). Can't wait to buy/play this.

Listen here
Pre-order here

Out in the Sticks - Forget me nots (Disco Deviance)

Finally this sees the light of day on plastic. Australian outfit Out in the Sticks (OITS) have been causing quite a stir in disco/re-edit obsessed circles. A few weeks ago I was lucky enought to pick up the 6th OOFT-Forever in their Debt CD release from Phonica, which features a beast of a track by OITS called 'In the dark'.

This seems to be their freshman solo release on the ever solid Disco Deviance. Up on offer is a superb rework of Patrice Rushen's Forget me Nots, extended and reshuffled into a perfect DJ tool. On the flip we have a track called 'Do it', which is actually my pick of the two. Lovely midtempo boogiefied disco that screams "PLAY ME ON A SUNNY SUNDAYAFTERNOON". Which is exactly what I'm going to do once I get my grubby mits on a copy. Ace.

check em out here

Casinoboy - Jobsagoodun (Jisco Music)

Oh boy, another treat from the sublime Jisco camp. I've been giving Eddie C's record such a heavy rinsing that it's already starting to crackle and pop. Jisco's one of those record labels that makes me bike to Rush Hour (Amsterdam's finest record store, for those of you that don't know) the second a new cut hits the store so I don't miss out. This latest offering is nothing short of spectacular.

Toby Tobias disguises himself as Casinoboy (make sure to check out his earlier release on Redux, which is mint as well) and does the Jisco thing: one takes an obscure but insanely infectious groove, one shakes, stirrs and edits like there's no tomorrow and presto: we have three sublime midtempo deephouse meets dubby disco cuts. All three are mint, but I think Time Rider will get the most plays from me. Out now in all fine record stores

Listen to Casinoboy - Timerider

Essential record. Buy a copy. Or two if you abuse em like me ;)

Sleazy McQueen & Cole Medina on Moodclub Music

The MoodClub boys from Belgium have signed something pretty special for their fourth release: Sleazy McQueen's She Was Totally My Disco Muse EP. The original is a nice deephouse affair with cheeky glitchy disco squeeks. It's the Cole Medina rerub that makes this release so special though: the Colemeister does what he does best, and turns the track into a midtempo burner, complete with some dirty claps and acidic synths, nicely embedding Anne Montone's slightly warped vocals. 
Peep Cole's mix here: 

I have been playing this out left and right for some time now, and I can assure you it works a treat. Buy, play and cherish. We'll keep em peeled for forthcoming bits on this fine label.


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