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Sleazy Peek: P-Sol - Moods (Whiskey Pickle)

NYC-based P-Solhas been cranking out smooth sample-based cuts and edits with a clever hip-hop aesthetic for a few years now. Some may even be familiar with his label, Wall of Fame, which specializes in tasty V/A's of the disco edit variety and is now venturing into the realm of artist EPs. For his most recent effort, he's linked up with Whiskey Pickleon their third wax outing. Side note, our buddy and fellow Sleazy Crewman Davey Schacherl (aka The Silver Rider) co-runs the imprint!
Heavy Frequencies hosts the disco stomper "Water", the downtempo soul chugger "Don't Wanna Be", and the multifaceted chunky groover, "Your Dance". Sitting in the B1 slot you have, in my view, the tastiest track on the record, and our Sleazy Peek for the EP!

"Moods" is quintessential P-Sol: patiently looped sections layered with drums and complimentary samples belonging to a 90's hip-hop fanatic. Lush Rhodes chops build the intro as the vibrophone licks…
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Interstate - Seconds Of Your Love EP (Waxtefacts)

Hours of our love,
that's what this 6th outing on the Waxtefacts imprint will get.

It's no secret that we've been a fan of the label's releases from the get-go, but their latest just might be the best thing the guys, and German producer Interstate in particular, have put out to date.

When listening to Interstate's music, the tracks, while certainly club-ready, exude a sense of softness and joie de vivre that can be hard to find in our line of work. Never over- nor underwhelming, with just the right amount of kick and layers of sound that have been carefully combined to near perfection.

When giving the record it's first spin, the keys on opener 'Karl-Löwe-St. Groove', like a butterfly fluttering through the air, captivate and soothe, before the track builds into a disco-fueled dancefloor weapon that will undoubtedly work it's magic throughout the summer season. The vocal sample from which the EP lends it's title, combined with more feelgood pian…

Sleazy Peek: Closed Paradise - Praise (FINA)

FINA has been in the finest of forms lately, with class stuff from Ponty Mython and perennial Sleazy favourite Saine dropping a pearl of an EP in the first half of the year. Now FINA welcomes Closed Paradise to the fold, who really knocks it out of the park  with 'Praise'. My my, I knew our pal from Montpellier had a knack for a deep and driving tackle, but he really outdid himself here. A subtle, intricate and undulating groove that brings Ben La Desh's best work to mind, fingersnaps/claps that would do Charles Webster proud, some smooth synth lines and a breakdown of Behemothic proportions make for an epic 6 minute ride. Play. Repeat. All summer long.

Out mid-July on 12" with two electro-tinged cuts on the flip, go seek!

Pre-order at Redeye

Sleazy Peek: Daniel Leseman - Mr Scaramanga [Kolour LTD]

Sleaaaazy Peeks tima a-again! And my first one, by the way. ’m sitting down in the studio with a fine glass of “Le Difese” (from Bolgheri) sleazily held in my hand; it’s red and full-bodied but has its roots near the sea. A perfect match for disco flavored tunes. So I said: what better than a tasty 10” from Kolour LTD? I love 10”s, and am crazy about Kolour. Its mid-sized wax series has got a damn mind and vibe of its own. After hosting Dicky Trisco for Vol. 5 and The Last Trip to Gandahar for Vol. 6, it’s Daniel Leseman’s turn. Last time Daniel and I met up was in Amsterdam, and in typical Dutch style we got into some fun at a HEIST party together with other crazy talented Dutch producers. You probably know by now that this man teams with Hans Peeman under the Fouk moniker, and we can thus expect a serious release here. I can assure you that it does not disappoint.

Here at Sleazy Towers we’ve picked “Mr. Scaramanga” for a peek. As you might imagine, the Dutchman’s signature hi-hat…

Low Flung - Coastal Garden (Ken Oath)

Only three releases in and Ken Oath has already established itself as one of the most interesting imprints around. I'm stuck in a bit of a musical rut - you know how it goes, from time to time everything starts sounding samey and uninspired - but Ken Oath keeps delivering fresh mess that really speaks to me. The Ozzie outfit's third missive is a 7" by Low Flung, who also pitched in a pearl of a track on the disgustingly good V.A that inaugurated the label. Don't now much about Low Flung (a 'field recording specialist and bossman of Moontown records according to the sales notes) but if you're into your early Suzanne Kraft material and the kind of contemporary boogie that L.A. seems to be championing, you should pop Low Flung on your list of 'ones to watch'.

Coastal Garden graces the A-side, and I knew this was something special right from the bat. I keep trying to find the right words to describe this branch of machine soul music but nothing really see…

Susana Estrada - Espacial (Disco Segreta)

One of my daily routines when i have a day off is to brew myself a freshly ground coffee and have a look at online record stores. Right now i'm trying to get through HHV's 114+ page "organic grooves" section. Quite the mountain to climb, but one record caught my eye because of the sleeve: Susana Estrada's"Espacial" on Disco Segreta. I was already familiar with and quite fond of the the label but knew very little about her, so here's a little background info.

Susana is possibly the most acclaimed superstar of the Spanish Destape b-movies era. She appeared in numerous erotic magazines and movies and was one of the first woman to perform fully-naked in Spain. Kind of an affront in 1970s franco era. Flip the record to see why. How times have changed.

Anyway, here we are almost 37 years later. We have Espacial for the first time on vinyl (previously part of Machos, a cassette-only release), fully licensed and in superb remastered quality complete with two …

Sleazy Peek: Sune - Pistachio Sour (Kyoku Records)

Oi oi! We're back with another Sleazy Peek for your listening pleasure, and today we're getting saucy with the Aussies from Kyoku Records. One year has gone by since their maiden release courtesy of Ethyène, and after further carving out a reputation with outings by Dorsi Plantar and Long Island Sound, the guys figured no one needs cake when you can celebrate your birthday with a royal serving of  wax. Staying true to their name (Kyoku means 'tune' in Japanese), this will be another one that's not to be missed.

Doing the honours for this 4th release is Swedish producer Sune, a relatively fresh face on the scene, who's chopping samples like a seasoned veteran and contributed a track to Lagaffe Tales' Tale of Tales Chapter 02 earlier this month. Now on his first solo EP with '8 Till Late', Sune does what Sune does best: delivering four tracks of smooth, sunny and sample-based house music. The kind of stuff that makes you want to dust off your dad'…